Website Design

Here at Variety Marketing, we know that when websites are beautifully designed and developed, everything else falls together and feels effortless. Content and functionality flow naturally and there’s no need to squint and zoom in just because you’re on a mobile. It’s seamless.

The world lives online more and more, so a good web presence is a must for any brand. The best websites look great and are a joy to use. But they also drive your business forward, increase visibility and inspire engagement. In the process, meeting (or exceeding) your KPIs and giving you an impressive return on investment.

Here at Variety Marketing we are a web design and development agency that puts our heart and soul into creating websites that work for everyone. Our team will both plan and build a fully responsive site that gives you a strong online presence across every platform whilst alongside you to get the best possible results. Keeping you ahead of the latest developments and helping your customers love your brand as much as we do.

Why do we prefer WordPress websites?

Our development team here at Variety Marketing have used a number of different platforms over the years, yet WordPress for our B2B service and manufacturing clients remains our preferred system for a number of reasons such as: It provides an effective, accessible content management system (CMS) where clients retain full control of their content. Updating content requires no specialist skills (the text is added using standard Word text editors.) We provide ongoing user training and support are provided once the site is made live. As it is an open-source or universal platform; you are not tied to a developer and can therefore easily change suppliers without having to start from scratch. This also makes it cost-effective to extend functionality using plug-ins. It is search engine friendly. The way the code is constructed is consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML code, making indexing by Google easier.

Fully Responsive Websites

In the modern era we are in, it is essential that your website works and functions across any different type of device, from smartphones to tablets, to 50” TV’s. Your website needs to be able to react dynamically no matter the device your consumer is using, especially as first impressions are crucial and the last thing you want is your customers not being able to see all of your content. Our website development team here at Variety Marketing, utilise the latest technology to ensure that your website fits the correct format, no matter the device.

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