Search Engine Optimisation

At Variety Marketing we are firm believers that Search Engine Optimisation can be critical for generating online success. 

Whether you’re a smaller to medium size business, or a large multinational corporation. Search engine optimisation can become a key element for thriving within the modern digital landscape. SEO digital marketing utilises website optimisation in order to leverage organic positions within Google and other search engines. 

Targeting key search phrases within your industry should bring new users to your website, and in turn should return more leads for your business. 

Grow Your Digital Footprint 

Variety Marketing works with our clients to ensure that our efforts are put into generating your business more revenue online. 

More Than Generating Traffic 

At Variety Marketing we care more than seeing traffic figures grow on your website. But the quality of the traffic that is coming to your website. 

Low quality traffic can lead towards low performance statistics and a lack of enquiries for your business. This is why we focus our professional SEO services towards ranking for keywords that will generate return on investment for your business. 

SEO Services

Understanding Your Business 

A strong SEO campaign starts the process of understanding your business and it’s needs. Without this, the campaign will be built on rocky foundations that can lead to disaster later on. Variety Marketing learns the key “in’s and out’s” of your business to best optimise to provide ROI.

Technical Optimisation 

An SEO campaign is more than just adding a few key phrases on your website and hoping for the best. We look deep within your website and optimise from the ground up to ensure that your website is seen as high-quality as possible within Google’s algorithms. 

On-site Content 

Writing keyword rich and quality content is a must within SEO marketing. The website content indexed within Google can prove that your business is an authority within a certain industry and location. This is why it is vital to ensure that all landing page content is fully optimised.

Backlink Auditing 

Building links towards your website can be an effective way in which to prove that you are an authority within your industry within Google and other search engines. However, building links from spam and low-quality websites can do more harm than good in terms of Google SEO. 

Digital PR & Outreach 

Link building is a key piller in building the authority of your website within search engines. Building the high-quality links that Google and other search engines see can have major effects on the performance of your website within the search engine result pages.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO is often seen as a slow burn in terms of digital marketing. This can be because it can take several months to start to see the positive effects of this service. Although this is the case, the long-term benefits of hiring an SEO agency to assist in your marketing efforts can become critical to your success. 

Although Paid Adwords are a common element in many digital campaigns and are often seen as a bypass to SEO, it is critical that we first make sure that your site is operating at peak performance on its own through SEO.

The Perks Of Using An SEO Expert

Without SEO, your website is a dormant asset that has cost your business money without returning much, if any? Running a website without search engine optimisation is the equivalent of owning a sports car without filling it with petrol. You have the website, now time to fill it with fuel.

If you work with a professional SEO company, you’ll be able to focus on doing what you do best—running your business—while they take care of the rest.

Ahead Of The Algorithm Curve

Google and Bing work by crawling and indexing every piece of your website such as imagery and content on every page of your site. As well as this, search engines also factor in site performance such as site speed.

Our SEO specialists are always searching for the latest Google updates and how best to utilise these changes for our advantage. Meaning that we can leverage this information to improve our clients ranking performance.

Full SEO Audit

The first step in any successful SEO strategy is always a full SEO audit. By auditing your site we can identify any issues which could be having a negative impact on your site and its rise to the top of the SERPs

In the Audit we will dig deep through all the site’s elements and its performance, enabling us to see exactly what the search engines are seeing and therefore giving us a clearer picture of what areas require improvement.

Our SEO audits form a detailed report for you that maps out all the areas of your site that are working well as well as any problem areas, to which we offer advice to optimise your online presence.

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